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Types of steel sheets

Types of steel sheets

Types of steel sheet

Steel sheet is actually a metal sheet with a smooth surface that can be rolled and coiled and is supplied to factories in the same way. There are different types of steel sheets that are classified and named based on the production method and raw materials used in them.

Types of steel sheets based on production method

Black sheet

Black sheet:

The surface of these sheets is not smooth and polished and for this reason they are called black sheets. Hot rolling method is used in making this type of steel sheets. In the rolling method. Rollers are used to shape the steel to bring it to the desired thickness. These sheets are used in the production of hulls, welded pipes, tankers, ships, profiles, etc.

Galvanized colored sheet

Galvanized sheet (white sheet):

Welding is one of the most important factors that are considered when producing steel products. And for some industries, the use of stainless steel is very expensive. As a result, a solution must be used to produce the steel sheet at a lower cost. Made it as resistant to corrosion as possible. that’s why . Galvanized coating is used to produce stainless steel sheets.

To produce galvanized sheets, steel sheets (oily type) are immersed in a tub of molten metal. And allow zinc to cover the surface of the sheet.

The more zinc used to cover the sheet, the more. Its resistance to corrosion is also higher.

Galvanized sheets also have a longer life and work normally up to 50 years. They can also work well for up to 20 years without the need for repair or maintenance if exposed to high humidity.

Galvanized sheet is used for water pipes, cabinets, tanks and water storage tanks, etc.

Oil sheet:

Oily sheets are not really greasy and this name is due to their polished and glossy surface. Given to them. To produce them, cold rolling method is used, which is the reason for the glossy surface of the sheet. The purpose of the cold rolling method is to make a high quality steel sheet at the same time. Produce with a small thickness. In this method, the output product of the hot rolling process. After cooling, it enters the acid washing process and then the coil is screwed again. Then re-inserted in the cold rolling process and the steel sheet. This time it passes through the rollers at a low temperature to achieve the desired thickness for the sheet.

These types of sheets are the basis for the production of galvanized sheets. And are used in the production of refrigerator covers and other household appliances such as stoves, etc.

chequer plate

chequer plate:

Geometric protrusions are created on the surface of these sheets so that objects can be placed and moved more easily on them, because sheets with a polished surface do not have such a possibility, and objects will definitely slip on them.

For the production of sheets, treading machines are used that create the desired protrusions on the steel sheet. These sheets are used in emergency stairs, deck floors and pedestrian bridges, truck and van floor floors, etc.

Colored sheets

Colored sheets

The steel sheet normally has a metallic gray color. As a result, the surface of the steel sheet is sometimes covered with a layer of electrostatic paint. At present, the color variety of steel sheets includes 15 colors and they are used to produce pavilions, gables, roofs of sheds, home appliances, etc. These sheets do not weigh much and have good ductility. The presence of a layer of paint also increases their resistance to moisture and corrosion.

To produce these sheets, grease and impurities on the surface of the sheet are completely removed and then after washing the sheets and going through other preparation steps, the sheets enter the painting process. Electrostatic painting means that in the process of producing these sheets, a kind of paint (made of epoxy, polyester, polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane) is sprayed on the sheet and then the steel sheet is inserted into the furnace.


Galvanized colored sheet

One of the products produced in the steel industry is colored sheet. The production process of this colored sheet is along the production of galvanized sheets and adds a protective layer to it. In this way, the galvanized coil enters the colored sheet production system and the preparation process begins. The galvanized sheet is washed with a degreasing solution and the surface is polished with a brush.

This process is repeated twice to clean the surface of the galvanized sheet from any dust and possible contamination. After this stage, the sheet is dried using hot air and ready for the next stage. Now, to increase the corrosion resistance of the steel, as well as more adhesion of the paint to the steel surface, a special chemical is sprayed on both sides of the sheet surface and dried again. The property of this material is to prevent color scaling.


Steel sheet price

Criteria such as the weight of the steel sheet, the thickness of the steel sheet, etc. are important to determine the price of steel sheets. To check the price or buy different types of steel sheets or other Ralco and Rostami shed construction products, you can contact us or visit different sections of the site

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