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Rostami Iron and Steel Industries Company

Rostami Iron and Steel Industries Company with registration number 9369 and exploitation license number 7337 located in Salafchegan industrial town was established in 2009 and started operating under the brand name RALCO. The field of activity of this company is the construction of various types of metal structures, sheds, structures, refinery structures, power plants, and the production of various types of tanks and towers.

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Building structure includes part of building mass which tolerates load and powers imported to the building and transmit them to the surrounding areas and supports the whole building and its material from these tensions and load. In fact, the most important purpose for using these structures is making a stable balance in the whole building


A metal structure is usually a skeleton consisting of vertical steel columns and I-shaped horizontal beams that are placed to support the floor, ceiling and walls of a building


Fixed-ceiling tanks have the lowest construction cost among tank designs, and in general, the least acceptable equipment for storing liquids is considered for these tanks

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